University of Leeds Oatcake Project

Over the past few months, students from the University of Leeds have been working in collaboration with the Dales Countryside Museum. The aim of the project is to reconnect scholarly resources, including the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture held in the Special Collections at the University, with the communities on which they provide information. Hawes is one such place.

Their chosen topic was one very dear to many people in the local area: Oatcake. Continue reading “University of Leeds Oatcake Project”

Voices from the Land


We are undertaking a new project called Voices from the land, a Farmer Network project led by Harriet and Rob Fraser. Between October 2016 and July 2017 stories, recordings and photographs will be added to this site as a team of volunteers, professional researchers and students meet farmers across the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and visit shows and sales. Once the collection has been brought together, it will be made available through an exhibition here in 2017/18. Continue reading “Voices from the Land”

A Rich Seam: Lead Mining and Textile Heritage in the Yorkshire Dales

Miners Wagon

One of our biggest projects in recent years, A Rich Seam: Lead Mining and Textile Heritage in the Yorkshire Dales will involve us re-housing and exhibiting one of the country’s most fascinating lead mining collections.

A total of 860 objects, including mining wagons and tools, were given to the DCM by the Yorkshire Dales Mining Museum in Earby when it closed in 2015. Now with a fantastic grant of £90,600 from the Heritage Lottery Fund it means that the artefacts can now be re-examined and displayed, while the stories of miners and of the members of Earby Mine Research Group who assembled the objects over 50 years can be told. These items are very significant to the history of the Yorkshire Dales as there had been lead mining here for many centuries. Continue reading “A Rich Seam: Lead Mining and Textile Heritage in the Yorkshire Dales”


Spear at Semerwater

David Murphy’s installation spear was commissioned by the Dales Countryside Museum as part of a wider project initiated by arts & heritage entitled ‘meeting point’, supporting contemporary art installations in non-traditional art spaces. Continue reading “Spear”