Love Tokens, Sittings and Songs

Knitting Sticks from the John Dixon Collection

02 October 2021 to March 27 2022

A stunning exhibition showcases collection a special form of folk art, the knitting stick. The collection belongs to John Dixon, a retired carpet fitter from Huddersfield. During the past twenty years he has collected more than 400 sticks, each unique in design.

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Dales, Land and Sky

Dales Land and Sky Header

Contemporary textiles by The Small Group, inspired by the Yorkshire Dales

09 April to 10 July 2022

A vibrant and varied textile exhibition exploring different aspects of this beautiful Dales landscape. Landforms and dwellings, plants in the wild or cultivated in gardens, living creatures which make their home here and the words found in dialect poetry have all provided a source of inspiration.

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Give Peat a Chance

Bringing the Yorkshire Dales Peatlands to Life

16 July to 09 October 2022

In an exhibition that starts thousands of years ago and runs up to the present day, we look at how Dales peatlands formed; the wildlife that lives there; how our actions have affected our peatlands; and what we’re doing to restore them. We will explore these beautiful, brooding landscapes through visual arts, music and film.

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In Your Words – A celebration of the Rich Dialect Heritage of the Yorkshire Dales

15 October 2022 to 19 April 2023

Be a part of history and see how your family words compare with those gathered by fieldworkers from Leeds University in the 1950s and 60s, a time of huge change in the Dales. Features fascinating field books, photographs and word maps linked with the communities of Muker, Askrigg, Dent, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Grassington, Pateley Bridge, Gargrave, Burton-in-Lonsdale and Soulby.

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