Conical milk churns on Hawes Station Knitting sticks Shepherd's crook

One of the aims of the Museum is to be a comprehensive resource for those interested in the history of life in the Yorkshire Dales. As such, we are always keen to enhance the collection by adding new items to it.

While some artefacts can be purchased, our limited finances mean that we generally have to rely on financial donations made to the Friends of DCM to purchase such artefacts.

As the Museum is largely about the people who have lived in and shaped the Yorkshire Dales, our wish is that as many artefacts in the collection as possible have a story to tell about their former owners or provenance. The best way for us to acquire items like these is for them to be generously donated so that we can keep them for posterity. Such donations of people's 'treasured possessions' have enabled us to build the fascinating collection that you can see today.

If you own something unique and possibly valuable that is connected with the Yorkshire Dales, and that you might be prepared to give to the Museum, we would be delighted if you would contact us. As well as objects, we would also be interested in your old family photographs and documents - these would enrich our family history resources.

Alternatively, if you don't have any objects to donate but would like to support us financially, you can make a donation online via PayPal or see our contact details to send us a cheque.

The following are just a few of the items we're particularly looking for:

Conical milk churns 

Dairy farming is another classic feature of traditional Yorkshire Dales life. For decades, wagons and trains loaded with milk churns were a common sight. There are several different styles, but we're particularly interested in the conical-style milk churn as on the trolley at Hawes railway station in the early 1900s in the top photograph, above.

Knitting sticks 

We have a large collection of knitting sticks and we're always looking to add more. These simple objects often have a rich history going back generations, so donating knitting sticks can greatly enhance the collection. Three examples are shown in the middle photograph, above.

Shepherd's crooks 

The signature tool of shepherds across the Dales and far beyond, the shepherd's crook is a classic symbol of rural life. Since sheep farming is such a vital part of Yorkshire Dales history, we're on the lookout for any traditional shepherd's crooks.