Enjoying a badge making activity at St. Mary's R.C. Primary School in Richmond Some of the artefacts in DCM's leadmining loan box

While the best way to get the most from the Museum's collection and facilities is to visit us in Hawes, your pupils can still have valuable learning experiences by taking advantage of our artefacts and resources that are available for loan. 

All of the objects used in our educational workshops are available as loan boxes for use in your classroom. These contain genuine and replica artefacts as well as worksheets and activities for you to use.

If you would prefer a member of Museum staff to lead the activities in the loan boxes, we can visit you in your classroom. We are also able to offer access to the loan boxes and activities through video conferencing sessions.

For more information, please see the details about our study themes in the School visits section, or choose from the following links to download documents:

If you have any specific questions about hiring our loan boxes, arranging a video conference, or anything else concerning using Museum resources in your classroom, please contact us.