At the Dales Countryside Museum, we provide a range of exciting curriculum related, multi-sensory learning opportunities. Our sessions make use of artefacts, crafts and other resources to enhance cross-curricular learning and provide a memorable learning experience. They provide opportunities for pupils to work together to solve problems, encouraging co-operation, communication, citizenship and understanding.

What's available? 

Our History detective workshops include hands-on, interactive sessions using artefacts and archives. Designed to present pupils with with historical and creative challenges, they stimulate independent enquiry, investigation and evaluation through creative throught processes.

All of our sessions provide pupils with the opportunity to work together to solve problems, encouraging cooperation, communication, Citizenship and understanding. They can be booked as part of a school visit or to take place in school

History detective led sessions usually last one hour. A range of other "Make it" and "Taste it" activities can be booked to ensure your visit is the length of time you require and meets the needs of your pupils.

For more information about booking a visit, see our Booking your group page. To find out more about our sessions and themes, select from the links in the infographic below or download the following documents:

For any specific queries not covered in the above, please contact us.