Planetarium – An Indoor Adventure to the Stars

Dark SkiesCosmos Planetarium is an indoor, state of the art, fully digital, 360° immersive multi-media theatre experience.
Shows last approximately 30 minutes and include a virtual tour of the night sky where we could go thousands of years into the past or future. We could see all 88 constellations in the northern and southern hemisphere skies, including the wonderful ancient Greek and Roman constellation artwork. We might zoom in on planets to see surface detail as well as their orbiting moons, see nebula and star clusters in our own galaxy or fly out to other galaxies millions of light years away. There will also be a chance to try out a Virtual Reality headset. Free space themed craft activities will be available for children before and after the show.


Show times

10.30am  – SOLD OUT

11.30am  –  SOLD OUT

12.30pm – SOLD OUT

2.30pm  – SOLD OUT

3.30pm –  SOLD OUT

This event is part of the Dark Skies Festival which runs from 9 to 25 February

Event venue/meeting point:
Dales Countryside Museum
Station Yard
North Yorkshire

Directions to venue/meeting point:
Dales Countryside Museum is housed in the old railway station at Hawes, just off the main A684 in Wensleydale.
Grid reference: SD 876898

For further information or to book, contact:
Tel: 01969 666210