Hawes, September 23, 2016

The whole family will have the chance to explore the dim and distance past of the Yorkshire Dales National Park during next month’s half term holiday.

The Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes is staging a new exhibition from October 3 inspired by some of the amazing ancient relics discovered in the National Park.

Called ‘Nature, Skin and Bones’, the exhibition is a collaboration between sculptor Sarah Smith, sound engineer/artist Caro C and light artist Elisa Artesero to explore the deep-rooted and changing relationship with nature through the three media.  

And during the holiday week there will be plenty of interactive activities on offer to visitors to the Museum, which is owned by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

The idea for the exhibition came from a unique collection of ancient animal bones – some of them 125,000 years old – that were discovered in caves in the National Park by private collector Tom Lord. This led to the artists exploring the caves and terrain where the bones were found to get their inspiration for the project.

Museum Manager Fiona Rosher said: “We are delighted that the prehistoric collections of the Dales Countryside Museum and Tom’s amazing finds have inspired Sarah, Caro and Elisa  to create new work and devise a unique, sensory experience here at the Museum.

“Prehistory is a key theme for us this year and over the half-term holiday we have lots of activities inspired by the period, including flint knapping, stone carving, a drawing workshop and talks on Victoria Cave, Ancient Semerwater and Lost Carnivores of the Yorkshire Dales.

“There will also be a contemporary art installation called ‘Spear’ by artist David Murphy at nearby Semerwater that will reflect the stunning Bronze Age spearhead that was found on the lake shore in 1937 and is now on show in the Museum.”

‘Spear’ will see an architectural-scale copper spearhead installed on the lake’s waters over two nights, Friday and Saturday October 28 and 29. It will stretch 30 metres out and will be connected to the shore by a floating walkway.

Spear is funded by Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund through the Meeting Point project, which presents new art commissions in unexpected places and has given small and medium scale museums the opportunity to commission artists to create a piece of work in response to their venue.

The ‘Nature, Skin and Bones’ exhibition, which runs to December 21, is funded by  Arts Council England and the National Lottery.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the half term events, which all complement the exhibition, can call 01969 666210 or email dcm@yorkshiredales.org.uk .

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