Story of Schools

17 May to 18 July 2021

‘Story of Schools’ that will feature as soon as the Museum re-opens and run till 18 July 2021. This includes a spectacular photo mosaic made from nearly 2,300 images of youth and school-life in the Upper Dales which were shared by the local community over eight weeks in autumn 2020. Local people of all ages have shared memories, family archives, and photographs for this project.

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Run the Dales

23 July to 26 September 2021

With over 200 years of history behind it, fell running is one of the Yorkshire Dales’ original sports, no doubt inspired by its awesome fells. A ‘race up and down a nearby hillside’ has been a pursuit passed down through the centuries. This exhibition lifts the lid on fell running heritage and the contemporary running scene. Its stars, pioneers and iconic races feature through brand new imagery by award winning photographer, Stephen Garnett.

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Love tokens, sittings and song –

Knitting sticks from the John Dixon collection

02 October 2021 to March 27 2022

Although created for a very practical purpose, knitting sticks were often treasured possessions, being given as love tokens carved for mothers and sweethearts. This stunning exhibition shares the background to this special form of folk art and features over 350 knitting sticks, each unique in design.