Explore the Museum

Explore our permanent collection and temporary exhibitions set among the stunning architecture of our unique gallery spaces. The Museum is housed in a contemporary conversion of the former Hawes railway station. The displays share the stories of the people and places of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Life Gallery

Discover the elements of the landscape used by people to survive in the Yorkshire Dales. These elements include water, stone, wood, metal and earth. Over the centuries since then, people have exploited and adapted these elements in their struggle to survive.

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Hartley and Ingilby Gallery

Marie Hartley and Joan Ingilby founded the Museum and its collection. The original Museum was housed in the former goods warehouse of Hawes station. Hartley and Ingilby aimed to capture life in the Yorkshire Dales before it disappeared.

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Spirit Gallery

Since the earliest times, people have needed a spiritual element in their lives. Over thousands of years, people have used their creativity to make distinctive and beautiful objects that satisfy far more than their basic needs. See our Bronze Age spearhead found at Lake Semerwater and the stunning Viking ring found near Sedbergh.

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Railway Carriages

The main theme of the galleries on the railway carriages is where you can find out about you can find out more about everyday life in the Dales —looking at the social and spiritual life of the people living in the Yorkshire Dales.

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