Railway Carriages

On the railway carriages you can find out more about everyday life in the Dales. Displays explore the community, social and spiritual life of people who lived in the Yorkshire Dales.


Religion has left its mark on every aspect of the life and landscape of the Dales.  Displays include a Parish Chest, loving cup and other objects of significance for those who have followed their faith in the area.


In the 16th and 17th centuries, generous people and religious bodies founded schools. It was only after 1870, when education was made free and compulsory that most children went to school.


Life in the Dales wasn’t all hard work. Those who lived here enjoyed a sense of community in their villages. Holidays, shows and feasts were all important aspects of life.

Transport and communications

Natural features of the Dales like boggy moors, steep hillsides and dramatic weather conditions have influenced the ways in which people have travelled within and through the area.  The arrival of the railways in the 19th century had a great impact on the Dales. 

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