Our Booking System FAQs

Is car parking included in my booked ticket price?

Car parking isn’t included but you receive £1 discount on one person’s entry to the Museum if you book parking at the National Park Centre car park in Hawes.

How can I book a visit?

By visiting our booking page here

Will I definitely be able to book a ticket for the Museum?

Unfortunately, to help maintain social distancing rules, the number of people who can visit the Museum will be far fewer. We are sorry if you cannot book the time you had hoped and realise this may create some disappointment.

I don’t have access to the internet – how can I book?

For those who are unable to book online you can call our booking team on 01969 666210.

Will I have to print out my tickets or can I show them on my phone?

Visitors can print tickets out or show their tickets on their phone if possible. You may be asked to share your name and booking number. To maintain social distancing, we’re asking visitors not to pass anything to our staff.  

How many people are you going to let in each day?

We’re opening the Museum at a reduced capacity to ensure we can manage social distancing and maintain public safety. One booking slot will be allocated to a “household”, so numbers may vary slightly each day.

Do I need to book if I’m arriving on foot or by bicycle?

Yes, if you wish to visit the Museum you will still need to book one ticket per person. Tickets are booked in advance using the main online booking system via the Booking page. You will need to show your ticket confirmation when you arrive for your visit.

How will your booking system work?

15 minute arrival time slots will be available. The last slot will be one hour before usual closing. Booking can be made on the day if a slot is available.

Do carers need to book a ticket?

Carers can continue to access the Museum for free with an essential companions’ card but will need to book a free ticket slot. The person they accompany will need a pre-booked ticket.

What happens if people turn up on the day?

We are introducing a booking system so we’re able to control numbers to maintain public safety. You will be able to book on the day either online or by phone. You cannot visit until you have booked and if you try to visit without booking in advance you will be politely be turned away.

How long can I stay?

You will be able to stay for at least two hours. At busy times we may need to introduce a two-hour stay limit, but will only do this if absolutely necessary.

Your tickets usually last for a week so can I visit again?

Yes, you will be able to visit again, but you will need to book a free entry ticket online and bring your original ticket with you to be checked by staff.

Can I sell on my ticket?

Tickets are for your use only and are not available for resale. We will cancel tickets which we believe have been resold.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can change or cancel your booking by calling 01969 666210 up until 3pm the day before your planned visit. We cannot refund or change tickets after this time, in any circumstance.

Is it quicker to book if I call you?

No, our staff act on behalf of visitors who do not have access to the internet or need additional help, but they will still have to go through the online booking process for you.