Teeswater Year – Farm • Fleece • Fashion

Melissa Peakman

“I’m a Nidderdale based documentary photographer and I’ve been following and photographing the Teeswater sheep breed for the last couple of years, visiting farms in North Yorkshire to put together images for the exhibition. Along the way, I’ve met with the talented Summerbridge based textile artist Yvonne Le Mare, who creates felted garments and artworks, into which she incorporates the distinctive, curly locks from the Teeswater sheep. For the exhibition, Yvonne has created a seamless Nuno-felted Wedding Dress incorporating over half a kilo of Teeswater locks, as a ‘show-stopper’ piece.”

“I’ve been supported along the way by the Teeswater Sheep Breeders’ Association and by local farmers and sheep breeders, many of whom have come together to crowdfund printing costs for the exhibition, which will promote Teeswater sheep to a wider audiences.”

Champion Teeswater ‘Tunstall Lola‘ by Melissa Peakman

Early photographs from the project appeared on the cover and alongside an article in Farmers Mart magazine in May 2018.

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