The View from the Fells – In the Footsteps of Marie Hartley

Furtive Fox

I had to reign myself in a bit and not create hundreds of prints of Pen-y-Ghent throughout this project but I couldn’t help but be inspired by this unusual view of the hill. There’s evidence of foxes living all over that area and I have seen them occasionally. Whilst I understand how they can be the bane of a farmer’s life, I do admire these beautiful animals and get a lot of pleasure from seeing one. This one is hoping to skulk along undetected!

Fox Cub

Throughout the duration of this project, I have been fortunate to see many different animals including voles, hares, stoats, weasels, red squirrels and foxes. One excursion on a quiet afternoon resulted in an encounter with an inquisitive fox cub!

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